Lombaerde, G de

Griet De Lombaerde is a junior researcher at the Research Centre for Education and the Labor Market (ROA). She graduated from the bachelor Economics at the University of Ghent, followed by a master’s degree in Economics with a major in Research at the same university. During this final year she wrote her master thesis on “Measuring Asylum Policies and Comparing Cross-Country Asylum Policy Indicators”. In 2018, she obtained a master’s degree in Policy Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her master thesis, which she wrote during an internship at the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) in The Hague, was a policy evaluation of the ´Bewuste Studiekeuze’ Pilot, assessing whether students could be nudged to make more conscious decisions on higher education and financial aid.

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Economic policy and research: Public sector, Migration and Asylum, Education, Labour Market, Poverty and Inequality, Development Economics, International Economics and Trade.