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Border perils and the Hofstede dimensions

Recent blog article by Frank Cörvers

belgian border

During my lunch break or in the evening, it is a pleasure to take a walk and visit the border crossing, because I want to know how our southern neighbours have cordoned off the border. The Dutch-Belgian border is about 300 meters away from me. Only recently I realised that my father once guarded that border, as a member of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee in the sixties. As a result of European unification, the border became gradually less visible, until the coronavirus struck. Without a vignette for commuting you are no longer allowed to cross the main roads. Even the many stealthy roads cannot be accessed by car due to the roadblocks and fences that are placed everywhere. It is possible by bike or on foot, which requires some effort at times, but it is not allowed. Not a single Dutch policeman to be seen, but a lot of Belgian policemen. They enforce the rules that have been tightened in the last few weeks.

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