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Cécile A.J. Magnée successfully defends thesis

On Friday 9 October 2020, Cécile A.J. Magnée successfully defended her PhD thesis on: “Playing the hand you’re dealt: The effects of family structure on children’s personality and the effects of educational policy on educational outcomes of migrant children”

phd defence magnee

Supervisor: Prof. dr. Inge de Wolf
Co-supervisor: Prof. dr. Bart Golsteyn

In this thesis the phrase playing the hand you’re dealt has served as inspiration. Where and when one is born determine the cards that are dealt. This thesis has investigated two cards that are dealt to children during their childhood and the effects of these cards on their personality and educational outcomes. The first part of this thesis has analyzed the question: How does family structure affect children’s personality traits? The second part has looked at the question: How does the educational setting in the Netherlands affect educational outcomes of migrant and refugee children? The main conclusions of these two questions will be addressed for each part separately.

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