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Inge Hooijen successfully defends thesis

On Friday 5 February, Inge Hooijen successfully defended her PhD thesis on: “Place attractiveness. A study of the determinants playing a role in residential settlement behaviour”

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Demographic growth and decline affect countries and regions in different ways leading to an unequal distribution of the population between European regions. The demographic structure and its development affect different fields in society, such as the labour market and the economy. Demographic change is considered to be one of the biggest challenges for European regions (European Committee of the Regions, 2020; European Parliament, 2019). Demographic change is among other factors driven by the degree of (im)mobility of people within and between places and plays a significant role in shaping the demographic composition of places. As a consequence, in the context of demographic challenges, the attractiveness of a place has become more topical than ever when focussed on keeping and attracting population. This dissertation intended to provide more insight into various factors that are at play in better understanding the attractiveness of places and the ability of places to attract and retain (new) residents.

> More about the thesis: https://doi.org/10.26481/dis.20210205ih​​​​​​​

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