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Interested in the latest HBO-Monitor 2019 results?

The labour market position of recent graduates of Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences

hbo-monitor 2019

Last September-January, 24,860 graduates from 28 universities of applied sciences reported via the HBO-Monitor how they look back on their education, in which positions they have ended up and what skills they possess. Are you interested in the results (in Dutch)? Then click here

Background HBO Monitor

The HBO Monitor is an annual survey of recent graduates of Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences (in Dutch: hogescholen), conducted since the early nineties. It provides a detailed overview of the situation encountered by graduates after leaving education and entering the labour market, and of postgraduate life in general. It also sheds light on the extent to which HBO institutions adequately prepare students for the labour market. The survey provides a wealth of information, for example on how graduates look back on various aspects of their study programme, how employable they are, which jobs they fulfil and which skills they possess and use in performing those jobs. For graduates of HBO Fine Arts institutions a specific Fine Arts Monitor (in Dutch: the Kunsten Monitor) has been developed.

For more information on the HBO-Monitor, go to http://www.hbomonitor.nl/nl

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