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Land in samenhang. Krimp en regionale kansengelijkheid

Frank Cörvers co-author of publication published by Platform 31

publicatie land in samenhang

Together with Platform31, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations asked five regional scientists to form the Scientific Reflection Group on Population Decline (in Dutch WRB: Wetenschappelijke Reflectiegroep Bevolkingsdaling). In this way, they strengthen the link between regional science and (national) policy making. Professors ettina Bock, Henri de Groot, Gert-Jan Hospers, Eveline van Leeuwen and Frank Cörvers each wrote from a different perspective an essay on the current government's shrinkage policies. The five scientific essays in this bundle deal with demographic developments in a broad sense, and what that means for the future of the Netherlands. For example, you can read that 'shrinkage' means more than 'rural exodus' and that there is a wide range of opportunities and solutions to deal with population shrinkage.

In addition to their consideration, the scientists also make recommendations on how to change the policies on population shrinkage and growth. This comes together in the closing argument. In it, they combine their individual essays into a joint message to the national government. This first product of the WRB immediately holds up a mirror to the government.

>> Download publication in Dutch: https://www.platform31.nl/publicaties/land-in-samenhang

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