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Marie-Christine Fregin defends doctoral thesis

On Thursday 31 October, Marie-Christine Fregin successfully defended her PhD thesis on: ‘Skill Matching and Outcomes - New Cross-Country Evidence’

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Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rolf van der Velden
Co-supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mark Levels

The thesis investigates Skill matching – i.e. the match between skills supply and labour market demands – has become a persistent matter of analytical concern. In the last decades, the increased global competition and changes in the work force qualification level have led to a labour market situation, where it got increasingly difficult to find the right worker for the right job. In Europe and beyond, the phenomenon of skill-to-job mismatch is found to be pervasive, widespread, and with significant consequences for individuals, economies and societies. Research has shown that with technological innovations, the incidence of mismatch is more likely to increase than to improve. Although there is a large body of scientific literature, major questions concerning skill-to-job matching and related outcomes still lack answers. The thesis sets out to fill several gaps, providing new knowledge and cross-country evidence for the adult workforces of 30 industrial countries.

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