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Module selected for the European Social Survey

Module on 'Social inequalities in health and their determinants' by Tim Huijts (ROA) and colleagues selected for the European Social Survey

European Social Survey

A questionnaire module on 'Social inequalities in health and their determinants' developed by Tim Huijts (ROA) and colleagues in Norway and the UK has been selected for the 11th round of the European Social Survey (ESS), which will be fielded in 2022. 

For each round of the ESS, only two modules are included alongside the core module, and this module was selected from of dozens of proposals.

The module will partly repeat questions from the same team that were already fielded during ESS Round 7 (2014/15), and which resulted in dozens of publications on social inequalities in health. The module will include around 30 items covering physical and mental health, health-related behaviour, working conditions, healthcare access and use, and trust in healthcare systems. The revised battery of questions will also examine the effect of COVID-19 on social determinants of health and an increase in income and wealth inequalities since the original module was fielded.

> More information about the module can be found here: https://www.europeansocialsurvey.org/about/singlenew.html?a=/about/news/essnews0094.html​

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