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Studium Generale - Maastricht University live Debate: “Over kansenongelijkheid in het onderwijs”

ROA researcher, Mélanie Monfrance, one of the speakers at the Debate

Studium Generale Debate

Date en time: Tuesday 31 May, 20.00h
Location: Aula, Minderbroedersberg 4-6, Maastricht
Live / Livestream

In the year in which Studium Generale focuses on the theme of gaps, a debate on inequality of opportunity in education is a must. In the Netherlands, the system is such that, in principle, everyone has the same choices when it comes to education. Yet we see that in practice, this freedom of choice does not mean that everyone gets to be in the right place. Talents are over- or underestimated and social backgrounds have a great influence on the choices that are made. Parents, teachers, policy makers and school types play an important role in this. A university degree is not for every smart child. Research shows that children from poor families fall behind at an early age and that it increasingly matters in which family ('highly educated' or 'poorly educated') you are born.

> More information about the Debate (in Dutch)


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