Publications 2015


ROA-R-2015/1 - Naar een toekomstbestendig cohortonderzoek

ROA-R-2015/2 - Arbeidsmarktmonitor Metalektro 2014

ROA-R-2015/3 - Schoolverlaters tussen onderwijs en arbeidsmarkt 2014

ROA-R-2015/4 - School-ex 2.0: De implementatie van ombuiggesprekken

ROA-R-2015/5 - "De jongens tegen de meisjes"

ROA-R-2015/6 - De arbeidsmarkt naar opleiding en beroep tot 2020


ROA-F-2015/1 - Schoolverlaters tussen onderwijs en arbeidsmarkt 2014, Feiten en cijfers

ROA-F-2015/2 - Maastricht University graduate surveys 2015

Research Memoranda

ROA-RM-2015/1 - Training access, reciprocity and expected retirement age

ROA-RM-2015/2 - New ways of working and work engagement

ROA-RM-2015/3 - Entry into working life: spatial mobility and job match quality of higher educated graduates

ROA-RM-2015/4 - 'High' achievers? Cannabis access and academic performance

ROA-RM-2015/5 - The Pre-Tracking Effects of Parental Background

ROA-RM-2015/6 - Conspicuous work: Peer working time, labour supply, and happiness for male workers

ROA-RM-2015/7 - Does early-career underemployment impact future career success? A career path dependency perspective

ROA-RM-2015/8 - Does informal learning on-the-job in OECD countries differ by contract duration?

ROA-RM-2015/9 - Gradual retirement, financial incentives, and labour supply of older workers: evidence from a stated preference analysis

ROA-RM-2015/10 - Are competitors forward looking in strategic interactions? Evidence from the field

ROA-RM-2015/11 - Seniority wages and the role of firms in retirement

ROA-RM-2015/12 - The nature of predictive power and preferences: Global evidence