Publications 2016


ROA-R-2016/1 - Wat verwachten werkgevers van HBO afgestudeerden

ROA-R-2016/2 - Schoolverlaters tussen onderwijs en arbeidsmarkt 2015

ROA-R-2016/3 - Studiekeuze en arbeidsmarkt: literatuurstudie

ROA-R-2016/4 - Schoolkeuzemotieven van ouders en leerlingen in het primair onderwijs

ROA-R-2016/5 - Schoolkeuzemotieven van ouders en leerlingen in het voortgezet onderwijs

ROA-R-2016/6 - Van starter tot gevorderde. De loopbaanontwikkeling van hbo’ers in de eerste vijf jaren na afstuderen


ROA-F-2016/1 - Maastricht University graduate surveys 2016

ROA-F-2016/2 - Schoolverlaters tussen onderwijs en arbeidsmarkt 2015

ROA-F-2016/3 - Voortijdigschoolverlaters

ROA-F-2016/4 - Leren in de zorg & welzijn

Research Memoranda

ROA-RM-2016/1 - Understanding peer effects

ROA-RM-2016/2 - Is investing in apprentices related to decision-makers' social and time preferences?

ROA-RM-2016/3 - The effect of choice options in training curricula on the supply of and demand for apprenticeships

ROA-RM-2016/4 - Multi-attribute compositional voting advice applications (MacVAAs): an innovative methodology for educating and assisting voters and eliciting their preferences

ROA-RM-2016/5 - The education revolution on horseback I: The relation between Napoleon Bonaparte and education system characteristics

ROA-RM-2016/6 - The education revolution on horseback II: Using the Napoleonic Wars to elicit the effect of tracking on student performance

ROA-RM-2016/7 - Does postponing minimum retirement age improve healthy behaviours before retirement? Evidence from middle-aged Italian workers

ROA-RM-2016/8 - Impact of financial pressure on unemployed job search, job find success and job quality

ROA-RM-2016/9 - Work-related learning and skills development in Europe: Does initial skills mismatch matter?

ROA-RM-2016/10 - Educational mismatches for second generation migrants. An analysis of applied science graduates in the Netherlands

ROA-RM-2016/11 - Is there a rationale to contact the unemployed right from the start? Evidence from a natural field experiment