um scanner alumni

Research leader:

Künn, A

Research team: Bas Aarts (ROA), Timo Huijgen (ROA)

Funded by: Maastricht University

Duration: until 2022

Latest publication:  Maastricht University Graduate Surveys 2020, ROA-F-2020/3

About the project

This project monitors the school to work transition and labour market outcomes of alumni from Maastricht University. We make use of the Nationale Alumni Enquete (NAE) for information over alumni 1.5 years after graduation and have our own alumni surveys for alumni 5 and 10 years after graduation. The information from this project is used for several publications, for accreditation and re-accreditation, for open days of Maastricht Universities and much more. Maastricht University also uses the information to update programmes and to increase the quality of her education in a broader sense.


Bas Aarts, Annemarie Künn, Maastricht University Graduate Surveys 2020, ROA-F-2020/3

Bas Aarts, Annemarie Künn, Maastricht University Graduate Surveys 2019, ROA-F-2019/4

Annemarie Künn-Nelen, Peter van Eldert, Maastricht University Graduate Surveys 2018, ROA-F-2018/9

Maastricht University graduate surveys 2017, ROA-F-2017/1

Annemarie Künn-Nelen, Ineke Bijlsma, Peter van Eldert (2018) Academic careers of UM alumni. A focus on gender differences, ROA-R-2018/3

Mark Levels, Marloes de Hoon, Eveline Sijbers (2017), Geographical mobility and labor market outcomes of Maastricht University alumni, ROA-R-2017/4

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