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Maastricht University Graduate Surveys 2022

Yearly factsheet on the employability of UM alumni

Like every year, this factsheet reports on the employability of UM alumni. How well does Maastricht University (UM) prepare its students for the labour market? What do the career paths of UM alumni look like in the short and medium term? How do UM alumni look back on their master’s studies in Maastricht? We report these Key Performance Indicators for the UM as a whole as well as for the separate faculties. The factsheet is based on alumni research among three cohorts that participated in a survey in 2021. The first cohort graduated in the academic year 2019-2020 (1.5 years prior to the survey), the second in 2015-2016 (five years prior to the survey) and the third in 2010-2011 (ten years prior to the survey). This year, we also report the perceived COVID-19 effects of the graduates that were attending UM-education during the first lock-down.

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