Project Onderwijs-Arbeidsmarkt (POA)

This project focuses on the match between education and occupation, the substitution processes in the labour market, and generates the mid-term forecasts for the labour market perspectives for about 100 educational programmes and occupations, 35 labour market regions and 21 industry sectors in the Netherlands.

  • Using a variety of data and own econometric models we forecast labour demand (i.e., expansion, replacement and substitution demand) and supply (i.e., influx of graduates in into the labour market) ROA computes early warning indicators for imbalances on the labour market. Our labour market forecasts are updated every other year.
  • These early warning indicators are useful to the youth when considering their educational and occupational choice, to the unemployed and unemployed placement office when considering retraining or career changes, to employers in their hiring policy and to policy makers who are concerned about the optimality of the match between educational demand and supply on the labour market.
  • As part of this project, we produce an online statistical database containing our labour market forecasts and actual labour market information, the ‘Arbeidsmarktinformatiesysteem (AIS)’. The list of available indicators can be found in Appendix C of our latest report. Information requests for data from AIS should be addressed to S. Dijksman.
  • Our forecasts and actual labour market information are widely used in research and policy.
  • There is growing evidence that increasing the [transparency of labour market improves educational choices].