Current and former PhDs at ROA

Current PhDs

Per Bles
Supervisor PhD: Rolf van der Velden & Katarina Wessling
Topic of PhD thesis: Flexibility of the Dutch educational system

Saena Chakkar
Supervisors PhD: Frank Cörvers, Wendy Smits & Dr. Adrian Lerche (IAB, Germany)
Topic of PhD thesis: The labour market effects of qualification recognition

Elke Claes
Supervisors PhD: Inge de Wolf, Bart Golsteyn & Suzanne de Leeuw
Topic of PhD thesis: Basic skills

José Victor Cremonesi Giarola
Supervisors: Frank Cörves & Hans Schmeets (Political Science, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences)
Topic of PhD thesis: Cross-border mobility

Hala El Demellawy
Supervisors PhD: Didier Fouarge & Mien Segers
Topic of PhD thesis: Measuring and Supporting Self-Regulated Learning in Online Workplace Learning Environments

Lara Fleck
Supervisors: Andries de Grip, Marie-Christine Fregin & Mark Levels
Topic of the thesis: Firm-Level Implementation of Artificial Intelligence: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective on Skills (Provisional)

Daniele Gasparini
Supervisors PhD: Nico Pestel & Peter Mulder (TNO)
Topic of the PHD thesis: Energy transition and labor market frictions in the Netherlands: The Role of Regional Skill Mismatches

Pascal Hess
Supervisors PhD: Didier Fouarge & Silke Anger (IAB, Germany)
Topic of PhD thesis: The Link between Education and the Labour Market

Lydia Hofmann
Supervisors: Tim Huijts & Philippe Delespaul
Topic of PhD thesis: Early predictors of school success of children and teenagers in the Netherlands

Stijn Horck
Supervisors PhD: Andries de Grip & Paul Louis Iske (OSE)
Topic of PhD thesis: Measuring, validating and improving the learning capacity of health care organizations through the impact of failures and complex problems

Babs Jacobs
Supervisors PhD: Rolf van der Velden & Tim Huijts
Topic of PhD thesis: Key information-processing Skills: The Transmission and Role of these Skills

Madelon Jacobs
Supervisors PhD: Carla Haelermans & Sanne van Wetten
Topic of PhD thesis: Skill development in primary and secondary education

Mélanie Monfrance
Supervisors PhD: Carla Haelermans & Trudie Schils
Topic of PhD thesis: Inequality of opportunities in education and the role of non-cognitive skills development

Kars van Oosterhout
Supervisors PhD: Frank Cörvers & Jessie Bakens
Topic of PhD thesis: Regional mobility of students

Martyna Ozaist
Supervisors PhD: Tim Huijts & Mark Levels
Topic of PhD thesis: Positive Health at Work

Pelin Özgül
Supervisors PhD: Mark Levels & Didier Fouarge
Topic of PhD thesis: AI and the Future of Work (provisional title)

Mantej Singh Pardesi
Supervisors PhD: Frank Corvers & Harald Pfeifer
Topic of PhD thesis: Role of institutions for skill generation and absorption in addressing productivity and technology gaps between frontier and non-frontier firms

Janneke Pepels
Supervisors PhD: Carla Haelermans & Barbara Belfi
Topic of PhD thesis: Long-term effects of grade retention

Sandra Pérez Rodríguez
Supervisors: Didier Fouarge & Annemarie Künn-Nelen
Topic of my PhD thesis: The role of information and preferences in educational and occupational choices (provisional title).

Davey Poulissen
Supervisors: Andries de Grip & Annemarie Künn-Nelen
Topic of PhD thesis: The position of vulnerable groups on the labour market

Sanne Ronda
Supervisors PhD: Carla Haelermans & Barbara Belfi
Topic of PhD thesis: The digital media use of young adolescents’ and its influence on identity development and equality of opportunity

Tom Rongen
Supervisors PhD: Frank Cörvers & Inge de Wolf
Topic of PhD thesis: Teacher shortages and terms of employment: effects on the quality of education and students’ equality of opportunities.

Nicholas Rounding
Supervisors PhD: Mark Levels & Didier Fouarge
Topic of PhD thesis: AI and the future of work (Provisional)

Felix Seifert
Supervisors PhD: Nico Pestel & Tijana Prokic-Breuer
Topic of PhD thesis: The role of the educational system for developing the skills for the labour market of the future (provisional title)

Alina Shirshikova
Supervisors PhD: Frank Cörvers, Raymond Montizaan & Harald Pfeifer (BIBB, Germany)
Topic of PhD thesis: Cross-Border Labor Mobility: Migration Costs and Value of Cross-border Experience.

Mathilde Theelen
Supervisors PhD: Trudie Schils, Tijana Breuer & Ilja Cornelisz (VU)
Topic of PhD thesis: Evidence-based interventions for language learning

Sabine van der Veer
Supervisors PhD: Mark Levels, Tim Huijts & Liesbeth van Welie (Sardes)
Topic of PhD thesis: Health, Lifestyle and Educational Success

Jinyi Wei
Supervisors: Nico Pestel & Dominik Becker (BIBB, Germany)
Topic of PhD thesis: Impact of the innovativeness of VET-programs on the resilience and sustainable employment of apprentices

Anna-Lena Wittich
Supervisors PhD: Raymond Montizaan & Annemarie Künn-Nelen
Topic of PhD thesis: Lifelong Learning & Employability

Tianyu Yang
Supervisors PhD: Carla Haelermans & Barbara Belfi
Topic of PhD thesis:​ Optimal Choice for Higher Education Institutions: An Empirical Study on Costs and Returns of Higher Education of Different Qualities in China

Ziyue Zhu
Supervisors PhD: Didier Fouarge, Barbara Belfi & Melline Somers
Topic of PhD thesis: Skill mismatch between education and labour market

Zeyu Wang
Supervisors PhD: Carla Haelermans, Sanne van Wetten & Eliane Segers
Topic of PhD thesis: AI in Education

Former PhD graduates

Maria Polipciuc
Supervisors PhD: Frank Cörvers & Raymond Montizaan
An exploration of trust, betrayal, & social identity
Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Markets and Strategy at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
Graduation year: 2023

Lynn van Vugt
Supervisors PhD: Mark Levels & Rolf van der Velden
Different NEETs, different needs?
Current position: Project leader at the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market
Graduation year: 2023

Alexander Dicks
Supervisors PhD: Mark Levels & Rolf van der Velden
Thesis: NEET in the Netherlands
Current position: Postdoctoral researcher in the research group National Educational Panel Study (NEPS), WZB Berlin Social Science Center
Graduation year: 2023

Bart de Koning
Supervisors PhD: Didier Fouarge & Robert Dur
Thesis: Empirical studies on information, beliefs, and choices in education and work
Current position: Postdoctoral research associate at Cornell University
Graduation year: 2022

François Molin
Supervisors PhD: Carla Haelermans & Wim Groot
Thesis: Using digital formative assessments to improve learning in physics education
Current position: Assistant professor Educational Sciences at Open University (OU)
Graduation year: 2022

Kim van Broekhoven
Supervisors PhD: Rolf van der Velden, Lex Borghans & Barbara Belfi
Thesis: From creativity to innovation: Understanding and improving the evaluation and selection of ideas in educational settings
Current position: Assistant professor, Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Educational Sciences
Graduation year: 2021

Alexandra de Gendre
Supervisors PhD: Olivier Marie & Rolf van der Velden
Thesis: Behavioral Barriers to Success in Education
Current position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Melbourne
Graduation year: 2021

Inge Hooijen
Supervisors PhD: Frank Cörvers & Christoph Meng
Thesis: Demographic shrinkage and higher education graduates
Current position: Business Owner at Regional Capital
Graduation year: 2021

Merve Özer
Supervisors PhD: Andries de Grip & Didier Fouarge
Thesis: Essays on drivers and long-term impact of migration 
Graduation year: 2020

Cécile Magnée
Supervisors PhD: Inge de Wolf & Bart Golsteyn
Thesis: Playing the hand you’re dealt: The effects of family structure on children’s personality and the effects of educational policy on educational outcomes of migrant children
Current position: Coordinator of Research & Analysis Department, Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)
Graduation year: 2020

Sanne van Wetten
Supervisors: Andries de Grip & Ruud Gerards
Thesis: Human capital and employee entrepreneurship: The role of skills, personality characteristics and the work context
Current position: senior researcher at the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA)
Graduation year: 2020

Maria Ferreira Sequeda
Supervisors: Andries de Grip & Annemarie Künn-Nelen
Thesis: Human Capital Development at School and Work
Current position: Senior Economist - Research Professional ING Bank
Graduation year: 2019

Frauke Meyer
Supervisors: Thomas Dohmen & Martin Strobel
Thesis: Individual motives for (re-)distribution
Current position: Institute for Philosophy at the University of Oldenburg
Graduation year: 2019

Marie-Christine Fregin
Supervisors: Rolf van der Velden & Mark Levels
Thesis: Skill matching and outcomes
Current position: Research Leader at the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA).
Graduation year: 2019

Tom Stolp
Supervisors: Thomas Dohmen & Bart Golsteyn
Thesis: Sorting in the Labor Market, The Role of Risk Preference and Stress
Current position: Postdoctoral researcher at the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA)
Graduation year: 2018

Marion Collewet
Supervisors: Andries de Grip & Jaap de Koning
Thesis: Working hours: preferences, well-being and productivity
Current position: Assistant Professor at the department of Economics, Leiden University
Graduation year: 2017

Anika Jansen
Supervisor: Andries de Grip & Ben Kriechel
Thesis: Firms’ incentives to provide apprenticeships: studies on expected short- and long term benefits
Current position: Economist at German Economic Institute, Cologne
Graduation year: 2016

Jos Sanders
Supervisors: Andries de Grip & R. Blonk
Thesis: Sustaining the employability of the low skilled worker: development, mobility and work redesign
Current position: Lecturer at Arnhem and Nijmegen University of Applied Sciences
Graduation year: 2016

Ahmed Elsayed Mohamed
Supervisors: Andries de Grip & Didier Fouarge
Thesis: Essays on Working Hours
Current position: Associate Professor at the American University in Cairo (AUC) and the Executive Director of J-PAL MENA at AUC
Graduation year: 2015

Nicolas Salamanca
Supervisor: Andries de Grip
Thesis: Economic Preferences and Financial Risk-Taking
Current position: Senior Research Fellow at the Melbourne Institute: Applied Economics & Social Research
Graduation year: 2015

Gabriele Marconi
Supervisors: Andries de Grip & Jozef Ritzen
Thesis: Higher education in the national and global economy
Current position: Data scientist at Agency for Employment Development, Luxembourg
Graduation year: 2015

Maria Zumbuehl
Supervisors: Thomas Dohmen & Gerard Pfann
Thesis: Economic Preferences and Attitudes
Current position: scientific employee at CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis
Graduation year: 2015

Roxanne Korthals
Supervisors: Jaap Dronkers & Lex Borghans
Thesis: Tracking students in secondary education: consequences for student performance and inequality
Current position: Senior analyst at the Dutch Inspectorate for Education (IvhO)
Graduation year: 2015

Jan Feld
Supervisors: Andries de Grip & Thomas Dohmen
Thesis: Making the Invisible Visible. Essays on Overconfidence, Discrimination and Peer Effects
Current position: Senior Lecturer in economics at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Graduation year: 2014

Olga Skriabikova
Supervisor: Thomas Dohmen & Ben Kriechel
Thesis: Preferences, Institutions, and Economic Outcomes: An Empirical Investigation
Graduation year: 2014

Martin Humburg
Supervisors: Andries de Grip and Rolf van der Velden
Thesis: Skills and the Employability of University Graduates
Current position: Sector Economist at European Investment Bank (EIB)
Graduation year: 2014

Harald Ulrich Pfeifer
Supervisors: Hans Heijke and Frank Cörvers
Thesis: Empirical investigations of costs and benefits of vocational education and training
Current position: Head of the research section “Ökonomie der Berufsbildung” at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB)
Graduation year: 2013

Jan Sauermann
Supervisors: Andries de Grip and Inge Sieben
Thesis: Human Capital, Incentives, and Performance Outcomes
Current position: Associate professor at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI) at Stockholm University
Graduation year: 2013

Charlotte Büchner
Supervisor: Rolf van der Velden and Maarten Wolbers
Thesis: Social Background, Educational Attainment and Labor Market Integration: An Exploration of Underlying Processes and Dynamics
Current position: Professor of Methods of empirical social research and social structure analysis at Jena University
Graduation year: 2013

Annemarie Künn-Nelen
Supervisors: Andries de Grip and Didier Fouarge
Thesis: Part-Time Employment and Human Capital Development
Current position: Associate professor at the Research Centre for Education and the Labour market (ROA)
Graduation year: 2012

Raymond Montizaan
Supervisors: Andries de Grip and Frank Cörvers
Thesis: Pension Rights, human capital development and well-being
Current position: Senior Researcher at the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA)
Graduation year: 2010

Andreas Ammermüller
Supervisor: Hans Heijke
Thesis: Institutional Effects in the Production of Education
Current position: Working at Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Berlin, Germany
Graduation year: 2007

Bart Golsteyn
Supervisors: Lex Borghans and Hans Heijke
Thesis: The ability to invest in human capital
Current position: Associate Professor at the Department of Economics at Maastricht University
Graduation year: 2007

Christoph Meng
Supervisors: Hans Heijke and Johan Muysken
Thesis: Discipline-Specific or Academic? Acquisition, Role and Value of Higher Education Competencies
Current position: Head of the Research Support Office at Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics
Graduation year: 2005

Judith Semeijn
Supervisors: Hans Heijke, Cornelis van der Vleuten and Rolf van der Velden
Thesis: Academic competences and labour market entry : studies among Dutch graduates
Current position: Associate Professor of Career Management at Open University (OU)
Graduation year: 2005

Wendy Smits
Supervisors: Hans Heijke and Lex Borghans
Thesis: The Quality of apprenticeship training: conflicting interests of firms and apprentices
Current position: Senior statistical researcher at Statistics Netherlands and part-time professor Labour Market Flexibility at Maastricht University
Graduation year: 2005

Jasper van Loo
Supervisors: J. Thijssen & Andries de Grip
Thesis: Training, Labour Market Outcomes, and Self-Management
Current position: Expert - department coordinator at Cedefop
Graduation year: 2005

Arnaud Dupuy
Supervisors: Hans Heijke, Andries de Grip & Lex Borghans
Thesis: Assignment and Substitution in the Labour Market
Current position: Professor of Economics at the University of Luxembourg
Graduation year: 2004

Ben Kriechel
Supervisor: Gerard Pfann
Thesis: Heterogeneity among displaced workers
Current position: Managing partner at Economix Research, Germany
Graduation year: 2003

Frank Cörvers
Supervisors: Hans Heijke & Andries de Grip
Thesis: The impact of human capital on international competitiveness and trade performance of manufacturing sectors
Current position: Leader of the Human Capital in the Region research programme at the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA), and part-time professor Demographic Transition, Human Capital and Employment at Maastricht University
Graduation year: 1999

Lex Borghans
Supervisors: Hans Heijke & Franz Palm
Thesis: Educational choice and labour market information
Current position: Full Professor of Labour Markets at Maastricht University, School of Business and Economics
Graduation year: 1993