Labour market forecasts up to 2026 for the province of Gelderland

An overview of the future recruitment challenges for employers, differentiated by subregion, occupation and education

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ai:conomics policybrief #2

Artificial Intelligence in Hiring: Friend or Foe?

Report by Lara Fleck, Nicholas Rounding, and Pelin Özgül

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Group identity and betrayal: decomposing trust

Research Memorandum by Maria Polipciuc

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Studium Generale Debate

Studium Generale - Maastricht University live Debate: “Over kansenongelijkheid in het onderwijs”

ROA researcher, Mélanie Monfrance, one of the speakers at the Debate

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nco lvs factsheets mei 2022

Status after two years of COVID-19 pandemic: still learning delays, but disadvantage of vulnerable students reduced

4th series of factsheets NCO learning growth

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“Leven lang ontwikkelen in Nederland”

New ROA report by Annemarie Künn-Nelen, Henry Abbink, Sabine Baumann, Silke van Elferen & Didier Fouarge

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ROA staff awarded NWA grant project: PlatWork-R

NWA grant project: PlatWork-R

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Nationaal Groeifonds

National Growth Fund: ROA received two grants

Proposal accepted for ‘Nationale LLO Katalysator’ & ‘Ontwikkelkracht’

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HBO-Monitor: Good labour market prospects for HBO graduates

Most HBO graduates continue to do well in the labour market. This is the picture that emerges from the annual HBO-Monitor survey.

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cover PhD Theunissen

Pomme Theunissen successfully defends thesis

On Tuesday 5 April, Pomme Theunissen successfully defended her PhD thesis on: “Challenges and opportunities of women in entrepreneurship. Essays on motherhood and access to finance”

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