Labour market forecasts province of Gelderland

As part of the Educational Labour Market (POA) project, ROA produces regional labour market forecasts every two years, meeting the growing interest in regional labour market information. For the province of Gelderland, ROA has a long-term cooperation to further expand and describe key regional labour market information and forecast results. The results are published in tailor-made fact sheets for the province of Gelderland and its subregions. The latest available forecasts cover the period 2021-2026. Where possible, the forecasts for Gelderland are compared with the Netherlands and a relationship is made with both the sectoral and educational specialisation of employment in Gelderland. The interpretation of the forecasts is done from the perspective of employers and the bottlenecks they can expect in recruiting staff by education and occupation.

Funded by: Province of Gelderland
Duration: 2017 -

Most recent Factsheets (in Dutch)