HBO-Monitor in the spotlight during VH Congress on April 8

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HBO-Monitor figures


On Monday, April 8, ROA director Didier Fouarge presented the latest national HBO-Monitor figures to VH President Maurice Limmen during the annual congress of Vereniging Hogescholen (VH) with this year’s theme “Getting Started with Broad Prosperity,” a topic for which the HBO-Monitor offers important insights.

This was followed by a workshop on the effective use of this data within universities of applied sciences. An opportunity not to be missed for depth and practical insights!


HBO-Monitor Workshop during VH Congress

In the workshop “The HBO Monitor as an Engine for Quality Assurance,” we'll dive deeper into the HBO Monitor, which reveals the extent to which higher education programs are preparing students for the rapidly changing job market and societal shifts influenced by automation, AI, and global change. Discover how you can use these insights to enrich your educational practice, increase quality assurance within your college, and thus better prepare students for their future professional and societal roles. An indispensable workshop for anyone who strives to provide an up-to-date and socially relevant higher professional education.