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Update labour market prospects up to 2026

Update of the labour market prospects up to 2026 shows higher expected economic growth leading to higher than expected labour demand.

This update of the labour market prospects up to 2026 is an update of ROA’s July 2021 publication, with a specific focus on now forecasts for the expansion demand. The economy is now expected to grow faster the coming 6 years than anticipated in last year’s publication. Although the job openings still mainly are driven by the replacement of staff, the higher expected economic growth now means that 1 in 5 job opening is due to job growth. This results in persisting and increasing staffing bottlenecks in science and engineering, healthcare and education on all educational levels. Even though the economy seems to recover well from the Covid-19 pandemic, the current high inflation and escalating energy prices might cause economic growth to be hampered in the coming years.

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