Dulbea-ROA Workshop - December 9th, 2022

Experiments on Information Frictions and Job Search


Maastricht University Campus Brussels
Av. de Tervuren 153, 1150 Brussels


The workshop aims at stimulating in-depth discussions among researchers who work on randomized experiments in the labour market, with a special focus on information frictions, skill matching and job search. In addition to exchanges about these research topics, the workshop aims to open a discussion about the process and challenges of conducting large-scale experiments in the labour market. With these objectives in mind, the program includes seven 50-minute presentations by invited researchers (40-minute presentation and 10-minute Q&A) as well as a panel discussion on methodological aspects related to the implementation of RCTs.


09h00-09h15:     Registration & Coffee
09h15-09h30:   Welcome

  Lena Hensvik (Uppsala University)
  Do algorithmic job recommendations improve search and matching? Evidence from a large-scale randomised field experiment in Sweden
  Elisabeth Leduc (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
  Training Jobseekers to Address Labour Shortages: An Experimental Study on Information Barriers

11h10-11h30:   Coffee Break

  Bart de Koning (Cornell University)
  Stimulating Occupational Mobility Among Unemployed Job Seekers
  Esther Mbih (Turku School of Economics)
  Do Informational Frictions Affect Enrollment in Public-Sponsored Training? Results from an Online Experiment

13h10-14h00:   Lunch

  Steffen Altmann (IZA & University of Copenhagen)
  The Direct and Indirect Effects of Online Job Search Advice

14h50-15h40:   Panel Discussion on the Practical Implementation of Field Experiments in the Labour Market
15h40-16h00:    Coffee Break

  Patrick Arni (University of Bristol)
  Large-Scale Field Experiments to Optimise Public Employment Service Counselling
  Apurav Yash Bhatiya (University of Birmingham)
  Expected Benefits and Costs of Migration for Rural Youth: Experimental Evidence from India

19h00-22h30:   Workshop Dinner

Information and registration

For more information contact the ROA Secretary: secretary-roa-sbe@maastrichtuniversity.nl
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This workshop will be held at Maastricht University Campus Brussels

Organising Committee

Bart de Koning (Cornell University)
Didier Fouarge (ROA, Maastricht University)
Elisabeth Leduc (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Ilan Tojerow (DULBEA, Université libre de Bruxelles)

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