Learning and Work Hybrid Seminars, Maastricht University, SBE, Autumn 2023

Our regular Tuesday hybrid seminar series (from 12:00 to 13:00, onsite and also via zoom) features researchers from different disciplines, with focuses on both academic and policy issues.


L&W hybrid seminar organizers

Raymond Montizaan: r.montizaan@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Katarina Wessling: k.wessling@maastrichtuniversity.nl


Upcoming seminars

When: Tuesday, December, 19
Where: TS53: room A0.24 / Zoom

Presenter: Steffen Altmann (University of Hohenheim)
Title: The Direct and Indirect Effects of Online Job Search Advice

We study how online job search advice affects the job search behavior and labor market outcomes of unemployed workers. 
In a large-scale field experiment, we provide job seekers with vacancy information and occupational recommendations through an online dashboard. 
A two-stage randomized design with regionally varying treatment intensities allows us to account for treatment spillovers. 
Our results show that online advice is highly effective and significantly increases job seekers' working hours and labor earnings when the share of treated workers is relatively low. At the same time, we find substantial negative spillovers on other treated job seekers for higher treatment intensities, resulting from increased competition between treated job seekers who apply to the same vacancies. The negative indirect effects completely offset the positive direct effects of search advice when approaching a full roll-out.


Previous seminars

28.11.2023 - Fledging the nest: How family characteristics and local educational opportunities shape transitions to (place of) study - Kars von Oosterhout

21.11.2023 - Climate Policies and the Carbon Content of Jobs - Francesco Vona

14.11.2023 - Trends in Adolescents’ Social Relationships with Peers and Teachers before, during and after COVID-19 - Jacqueline Charpentier (MILE-SBE)

07.11.2023 - Job Search Autonomy - Patrick Arni (University of Bristol)

31.10.2023 - Heat Stress and Labor Market Inequality - Nico Pestel (ROA)

24.10.2023 - Neighborhood labeling and youth school paths - Hans Grönqvist (Linnaeus University)

17.10.2023 - Artificial Intelligence and the Labour Market - Anneloren Verhagen (OECDE)

10.10.2023 - Learning the Right Skill: Vocational Curricula and Returns to Skills - Femke Cnossen (University of Groningen)

03.10.2023 - Motivating Job Seekers. A Field Experiment - Bart Cockx (University of Gent)

26.09.2023 - Leveraging the Power of HRM for Organizational Learning: A Meta-Analysis of Learning Culture and Orientation, Learning Capabilities, Innovation and Performance  - Therese Grohnert (Maastricht University)

12.09.2023 - Resilience to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Student Performance in Dutch Higher Education - Mariët Bogaard (Maastricht University/ MILE)