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Learning and Work Hybrid Seminars, Maastricht University, SBE, Spring 2023

Our regular Tuesday hybrid seminar series (from 12:00 to 13:00, onsite and also via zoom) features researchers from different disciplines, with focuses on both academic and policy issues.

L&W hybrid seminar organizers

Raymond Montizaan:
Katarina Wessling:

Upcoming seminars

16.05.2023  -  Mareen Bastiaans (Erasmus University) - TAP11 F2.004 and zoom 
Title: Turning the Tide: Long-Term Gains of Graduating in a Recession for Low Educated Entrants
Abstract: Economic conditions at time of labor market entry have been shown to have large negative effects on labor market outcomes for an extended period of time. The immediate effects have been shown to be worse for lower educated entrants. However, as low and high educated entrants differ in how they can accommodate this negative shock, high educated entrants downgrade and low educated entrants cannot, the long-run consequences may be very different. This paper estimates the long-term effects of economic conditions at labor market entry on income and employment for high and low educated separately up to 40 years after graduation. I exploit regional variation in unemployment and proxy for time and location of labor market entry using birth region and nominal duration of education. For both high and low educated labor market entrants between 1971 and 1988, I find short-lived negative effects immediately after graduation. These negative effects on earnings and employment remain for high educated in the long run, but not for low educated who benefit in the long run. I hypothesize that high educated entrants downgrade during recessions, which shifts low educated entrants to other, less cyclical sectors. These sectors shield low educated entrants from later recessions, which can explain the long-run gains low educated recession entrants experience. I empirically test for this and indeed find that 20-40 years later low educated recession entrants are employed in less cyclical sectors
23.05.2023  -  Steffen Künn (MILE)
30.05.2023  -  Heike Solga (WZB)
06.06.2023  -  Steve Stillmann (Bolzano / Bozen University)
20.06.2023  -  Steffen Altmann (IZA/Copenhagen)
27.06.2023  -  Tim Huijts (ROA)

Previous seminars

09.05.2023  -  Filippo da Re (PhD Program, University of Padova) - TAP11 F2.004 and zoom
02.05.2023  -  Trudy Schils (Maastricht University)
25.04.2023  -  Roy Sijbom (Universiteit van Amsterdam) 
18.04.2023  -  Kim Stienstra (University of Utrecht) - ZOOM / TS53 Room A1.23
11.04.2023  -  Mária Balgova (IZA, Bonn)
04.04.2023  -  Jorgo Goossens (Radboud University) - TS53 A1.23 and zoom
28.03.2023  -  Lenart Ziegler (University of Vienna) TS53 C-1.05 and zoom
21.03.2023  -  Martin Neugebauer (FU Berlin) - TS53 Room C-1.03 or via zoom
14.03.2023  -  Gesine Stephan (IAB, Nuremberg), TS53 Room C-1.03 and zoom 07.03.2023  -  Rene Brauer (Maastricht University) - TS53 Room A1.23 and zoom
02.03.2023  -  Melanie Arntz (ZEW) - TS53 Room C-1.03 and zoom
07.02.2023  -  Michael Stops (IAB, Nuremberg) - TS53 Room A1.23 and zoom
31.01.2023  -  Nele De Cuyper (KULeuven) - TS53 Room A1.22 and zoom
24.01.2023  -  Andreas Lichter (Uni Düsseldorf) - TS53 Room A1.23 and zoom
17.01.2023  - Katarina Wessling (Maastricht University) - cancelled!
10.01.2023 - Antonio Martins-Neto (Maastricht University - UNU MERIT) - TS53 Room A1.23 and zoom


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