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Learning and Work Hybrid Seminars, Maastricht University, SBE, Spring 2023

Our regular Tuesday hybrid seminar series (from 12:00 to 13:00, onsite and also via zoom) features researchers from different disciplines, with focuses on both academic and policy issues.

L&W hybrid seminar organizers

Raymond Montizaan:
Katarina Wessling:

Upcoming seminars

21.03.2023  -  Martin Neugebauer (FU Berlin) - TS53 Room C-1.03 or via zoom
Title: Two pandemic years greatly reduced young people's life satisfaction: Evidence from Comparison of Pre- and Post-COVID-19 Panel Data
Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions to prevent its spreading have turned adolescents’ lives upside down. Young people aged 16-25 went into social isolation (e.g., Elmer et al., 2020), and they were faced not only with learning losses (Betthäuser et al., 2022) and an erosion of their daily structure (e.g., Grewenig et al., 2021), but also with insecurity concerning their educational and occupational future (e.g., Aucejo et al., 2020). While everyone was (and still is) affected by the pandemic, young people are in a particularly sensitive developmental stage, which has led to concerns about their well-being (Kowal et al., 2020; OECD, 2022). 
28.03.2023  -  Lenart Ziegler (University of Vienna)
04.04.2023  -  Jorgo Goossens (Radboud University)
11.04.2023  -  Mária Balgova (IZA, Bonn)
18.04.2023  -  Kim Stienstra (University of Utrecht)
25.04.2023  -  Roy Sijbom (Universiteit van Amsterdam) 
02.05.2023  -  Trudy Schils (Maastricht University)
09.05.2023  -  Giorgio Brunello (University of Padova)
16.05.2023  -  Mareen Bastiaans (Erasmus University)
23.05.2023  -  Steffen Künn (MILE)
30.05.2023  -  Heike Solga (WZB)
06.06.2023  -  Steve Stillmann (Bolzano / Bozen University)
20.06.2023  -  Steffen Altmann (IZA/Copenhagen)
27.06.2023  -  Tim Huijts (ROA)

Previous seminars

14.03.2023  -  Gesine Stephan (IAB, Nuremberg), TS53 Room C-1.03 and zoom 07.03.2023  -  Rene Brauer (Maastricht University) - TS53 Room A1.23 and zoom
02.03.2023  -  Melanie Arntz (ZEW) - TS53 Room C-1.03 and zoom
07.02.2023  -  Michael Stops (IAB, Nuremberg) - TS53 Room A1.23 and zoom
31.01.2023  -  Nele De Cuyper (KULeuven) - TS53 Room A1.22 and zoom
24.01.2023  -  Andreas Lichter (Uni Düsseldorf) - TS53 Room A1.23 and zoom
17.01.2023  - Katarina Wessling (Maastricht University) - cancelled!
10.01.2023 - Antonio Martins-Neto (Maastricht University - UNU MERIT) - TS53 Room A1.23 and zoom


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