Holtrop, N (Niels)

Niels Holtrop is Assistant Professor at the Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Niels' research centers on the use of econometric and statistical methods to improve marketing decisions and measure consumer choice. His fields of substantive interest include customer acquisition and churn, consumer choice & health, digital advertising and communication, and the sales effects of the marketing mix. His research has been published in the International Journal of Research in Marketing. He was awarded the 2018 EMAC/Sheth Award for his dissertation research.

See my CV and personal website for up-to-date overviews of my work.




Substantive interests: Customer retention/churn, customer management, digital advertising & communication, health, marketing analytics, marketing mix sales effects, marketing strategy

Methodological interests: Time series analysis, choice models, econometric models, Bayesian methods, machine learning, statistical methods

Career History

  • PhD Marketing 2011-2016, University of Groningen
  • MSc. Research Master Marketing 2010-2011, University of Groningen
  • MSc. Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies (cum laude) 2009-2010, University of Groningen 
  • BSc Econometrics 2005-2009, University of Groningen

Research Projects

For up-to-date research, see my CV.


  • Marketing Analytics (MSc, 2017-)
  • Smart Decision Support Systems (MSc, 2018-)

Older courses:

  • Strategic Marketing (BSc, 2016)
  • Return on Marketing (MSc, 2016)