“All together now! Positief gezond werken en leren”

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 Inaugural lecture by Prof. Dr. Tim Huijts held on Friday, November 17, 2023


Organizations face various challenges in the labor market. There are staff shortages in various sectors, there is high absenteeism, and constant changes (e.g. due to technological developments) require adaptability on the part of both employers and employees. At the same time, there is untapped potential: employees' skills and talents are not always adequately exploited, and people with disabilities and health problems often do not find suitable work. How do we ensure that people can utilize their full potential and continue to develop? How do we do this sustainably: in a way that suits people, and that also takes into account their health and well-being in the long term? And how can employees, employers, the government and other stakeholders best work together to achieve this?

In his speech, he explained how Positive Health can play a role in this. Positive Health is a broader view of health, in which health is seen as the ability of people to cope with physical, emotional and social challenges and to take control as much as possible. It is just not yet clear to employers how to concretely implement Positive Health in the workplace. I show how a focus on potential, development and collaboration can lead to a new approach to Positive Health at work and learning.

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