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Francois Molin successfully defends thesis

On Friday 14 January, Francois Molin successfully defended his PhD thesis on: “Using Digital Formative Assessments to Improve Learning in Physics Education”

PhD defence Molin

Supervisors: Prof. dr. C.M.G. Haelermans (UM-ROA Maastricht), Prof. dr. W.N.J. Groot (UM Maastricht)
Co-supervisor: Dr. S.J.J. Cabus, (KU Leuven)

Using Digital Formative Assessments to Improve Learning in Physics Education

Formative assessments are interventions in education that provide information on the extent to which subject matter is mastered. Although formative assessments are widely used, many teachers do not find it easy to organise them in their lessons. To support teachers in this, they can use student response systems (SRS), whereby students answer multiple-choice questions posed by their teacher in class. Although there has been much research into the effects of formative testing with SRS, there is still a lack of evidence as to why learning is affected. The studies in the thesis show that feedback in a formative assessment with SRS affects pupils' anxiety, motivation, metacognitive awareness and learning performance.

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