roa report

Ad-opleidingen: omvang en rendement

New ROA report in Dutch shows recent graduates from Associate degrees (Ad) programmes in the Netherlands are more likely to hold jobs below their level of qualification. However, their wage level is higher than that of graduates from intermediate vocat...

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cover vermeulen

PhD defence Christiaan S.C. Vermeulen

On Thursday 23 May, Christiaan S.C. Vermeulen successfully defended his PhD thesis on: ‘Hot for Teacher: Studies on Teacher Career and Skill Development in the Netherlands’

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workshop bonnefanten

ROA workshop - Call for papers

Workshop on Older Workers’ Skills and Labour Market Behaviour - 22 & 23 November 2019

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cover ferreira

PhD defence Maria Ferreira Sequeda

On Friday May 10, Maria Ferreira Sequeda successfully defended her PhD thesis on: “Human Capital Development at School and Work”

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research memorandum 02

Towards reducing anxiety and increasing performance in physics education: Evidence from a randomized experiment

Research memorandum by François Molin, Sofie Cabus, Carla Haelermans & Wim Groot

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research memorandum

Discrimination in hiring based on potential and realized fertility: Evidence from a large-scale field experiment

Research Memorandum by Sascha O. Becker, Ana Fernandes & Doris Weichselbaumer

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HBO-Monitor 2018: werkloosheid stijgt licht, maar betere baankwaliteit

Interested in the latest HBO-Monitor 2018 results?

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Frictie op de arbeidsmarkt door de energietransitie – een modelverkenning

This joint report of ROA and PBL (The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency) in Dutch illustrates the use of forecasting models to assess the labour market impact of the Dutch energy transition policy for carbon reduction. It also discusses pathw...

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life long learning

Raamwerk Evaluatie Interventies Leven Lang Ontwikkelen

In this report in Dutch we describe a framework with evaluation methods which can be applied to evaluate lifelong learning initiatives.

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afgestudeerden crisis

Schoolverlaters in crisistijd: Gevolgen voor leren en de vroege loopbaan

New report in Dutch about the recent economic crisis has also significantly changed their learning behaviour.

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