Delespaul, PAEG (Philippe)

Prof.Dr. Ph.A.E.G. (Philippe) Delespaul (°1958) is full professor in Innovation in Mental Health Care at the University of Maastricht (Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology). He is a clinical psychologist at the Mondriaan Mental Health Trust in Maastricht/Heerlen (The Netherlands) and advises the direction and the regional stakeholders about care innovations. He is board member of the national quality monitoring institute for ambulatory mental health care (CCAF) and the Global Initiative on Psychiatry (Benelux chapter). He worked in residential and ambulatory care, primarily with a focus on severe mental health and developed the PsyMate™ method to assess the daily life of disabled individuals. He is one of the initiators of the Dutch New Mental Health Movement and focusses on human right monitoring for this population. He published 2 books, more than 50 chapters and 200 peer reviewed international papers.


Supervisor CBT

Clinical psychologist (B)

Experience Sampling Method


Mental Health Care System organization


Human Rights in Mental Health

Work for third parties

  • Board at CCAF
  • Expertlid Regionale Conventie Psychologenzorg Limburg (België) at Noolim/Relim
  • Commissielid Grip op Onbegrip at ZonMW
  • Expert HGR at Hoge Gezondheidsraad
  • Advisor to the Board at ECS International B.V.
  • Bestuurslid at f-ACT Nederland
  • Board Member at Phrenos -- Expert Centre for Severe Mental illness
  • Board Member at Klinisch Psychologen Maasland en Kemp&Duin
  • Advisor to the Board at Mondriaan
  • Board at Stichting BWOOKp
  • Bestuurslid at Stichting Hersteltalent
  • Lid Begeleidingscommissie at Expertraad Landelijke Monitor Ambulantisering
  • Voorzitter Bestuur at De Nieuwe GGZ (Stichting)
  • Lid Adviesraad Verwarde Personen at Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid
  • Board member at Global Initiative on Psychiatry
  • Advisor at Redesigning Psychiatry
  • Board member at User Research Center
  • Board member at Belgian Dutch Network for ESM Research in Mental Health
  • Member at Expertraad EPA van de VvP
  • Advisor to the Board at Associatie Wijkteams
  • Advisor to the Board at Samen Beter
  • Advisor to the Board at SmarteHealth
  • Advisor to the Board at Psylaris
  • Advisor to the Board at Clever BV

Additional roles & tasks

Professor Innovations in Mental Health and Advisor to the Board -- Mondriaan Mental; Health Trust, Heerlen/Maastricht