Learning and Work Hybrid Seminars, Maastricht University, SBE, Fall 2022

Our regular Tuesday hybrid seminar series (from 12:00 to 13:00, onsite and also via zoom) features researchers from different disciplines, with focuses on both academic and policy issues.

L&W hybrid seminar organizers

Raymond Montizaan: r.montizaan@maastrichtuniversity.nl
Katarina Wessling: k.wessling@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Upcoming seminars

13.12.2022 - Brian Korthout (Maastricht University) - TS53 Room A1.23 / Zoom and virtual

Expectations towards Higher Education: does Parental Education Matter?
Education can be an important mechanism to reduce intergenerational inequality. However, even when cognitive abilities and parental investments are held constant, attainment is inversely related to parental education. Using data of Dutch 9th graders, we investigate a potential source of decisions regarding educational attainment: differences in expectations of educational attainment by parental education. Our results indicate that students whose parents did not attend higher education are 1.4 percentage points less likely to expect to attend higher education. This relationship is substantial: it exceeds the role of parental income, gender and equals 0.7 of a standard deviation of self-efficacy beliefs. We find evidence of heterogeneity by high-school track and gender.

Previous seminars

06.12.2022 - Sandra Schaffner (RWI Essen) -  TS53 Room A1.23 / Zoom and virtual
29.11.2022 - Raoul van Maarseveen (Uppsala University) - TS53 Room C-1.05 / Zoom and virtual
22.11.2022 - Alexandra Mihai - - TS53 Room C-1.05 / Zoom and virtual
15.11.2022 - Ingo Isphording (IZA, Bonn) - Cancelled!!!
08.11.2022   No seminar
01.11.2022 - Anna Bindler (WiSo - Universität zu Köln) -  TS53 Room C-1.05 / Zoom
25.10.2022 - Eduard Suari-Andreu (Leiden University) - TS53 Room A1.23 / Zoom
18.10.2022 - Laurie Delnoij and Bas Giesbers - (UM/ERD) - Link to abstract - TS53 Room A0.23 / Zoom
11.10.2022 - Suzanne de Leeuw (UM/Education Lab) - Link to abstract - TS53 Room A1.23 / Zoom
04.10.2022 - Jim Been (Leiden University) - Link to abstract - TS53 Room A1.23 / Zoom
27.09.2022 - Samuel Muehlemann (LMU, Munich University) - Link to abstract - TS53 Room A1.23 / Zoom
13.09.2022 - Astrid Sandsør (University of Oslo) - Link to abstract - TS53 Room A0.24 / Zoom
06.09.2022 - Kamalika Patra (ABN AMRO) - Link to full paper - TS53 Room A0.23 / Zoom