Clerkx, F

Flore Clerkx is communications officer for Education Lab Netherlands. Her focus is the communication for the Educational Knowledge Network Amsterdam (ONA - Onderwijskennis Netwerk Amsterdam) and the co-creation labs within the Ontwikkelkracht programme. The main goal is to contribute to the success of both programmes. Together with all the researchers and stakeholders involved, the aim is to reach as many schools, school leaders and teachers as possible in order to improve education and opportunities for children in the Netherlands.

Flore has over 20 years of experience in communications and works at UM since 2005. Previously, she has worked as editor, press officer, communications advisor and project leader. She holds a master’s degree from VU Amsterdam in Policy, Communication and Organisation and a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Facility Management.


Communication advice, internal & external communication, copywriting, interviewing and organising communication activities.