Pathways to the future of the labour market

Interview with Technequality researchers Didier Fouarge (ROA) and Cornelia Suta (Cambridge Econometrics)

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AOW Monitor 2021

New report in Dutch: Effect of raising the AOW age on work, income and health

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research memorandum

“Niet-routinematige vaardigheden in hbo-profielen”

New report in Dutch about the changing role of workers in the dutch labour market due to automation and globalisation

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nco factsheets

The balance after one year of COVID-19 crisis in primary education: learning losses due to first school closure partly undone, but difference between pupils remains

Second series of NCO factsheets

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research memorandum 02

Employers’ willingness to invest in the training of temporary workers: a discrete choice experiment

Research Memorandum by Davey Poulissen, Andries de Grip, Didier Fouarge, Annemarie Künn-Nelen 

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Job openings at ROA

ROA is looking for a Post Doc and two PhDs

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hbo-monitor results 2020

HBO-Monitor: more stress due to coronapandemic

The new report based on the HBO-Monitor shows that HBO graduates experience more stress in their jobs than before the coronapandem. On the other hand, unemployment rates among this group have changed relatively little.

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Flexibility in educational systems - Concept, indicators, and directions for future research

Research Memorandum by Katarina Wessling (ROA/BIBB), Rolf van der Velden (ROA)

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“Naar een arbeidsmarktmonitor voor de groene sector”

New report in Dutch

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cover phd degendre

Alexandra de Gendre successfully defends thesis

On Monday 29 March, Alexandra de Gendre successfully defended her PhD thesis on “Behavioral Barriers to Success in Education”

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