cover dissertation de Koning

Bart de Koning successfully defends thesis

On Monday 26 September, Bart de Koning successfully defended his PhD thesis on: “Empirical Studies on Information, Beliefs, and Choices in Education and Work”

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roa news

Labour market impact of climate policy

New publication in Dutch about the effects of the energy transition and climate policy on labour market frictions

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Horizon Europe Skills2Capabilities project has been granted

ROA and MSCM are consortium partners in this Horizon Europe project

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Losing prospective entitlement to unemployment benefits. Impact on educational attainment

Research Memorandum by Bart Cockx, Koen Declercq, Muriel Dejemeppe

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Update labour market prospects up to 2026

Update of the labour market prospects up to 2026 shows higher expected economic growth leading to higher than expected labour demand.

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Somers UMagazine2022

Between two cultures

Interview with ROA’s postdoctoral researcher Melline Somers in UMagazine

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Farewell speech R. van der Velden

Farewell Lecture Prof. dr. Rolf van der Velden

Professor of Education and Occupational Careers in the School of Business and Economics

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research memorandum 02

COVID-19 pandemic major impact on graduates university of applied sciences

Vulnerabilities made visible

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interview dijsselbloem

Interview met Jeroen Dijsselbloem

Voor het seminar “Lessen uit onderwijs in Corona-tijd”

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Labour market forecasts up to 2026 for the province of Gelderland

An overview of the future recruitment challenges for employers, differentiated by subregion, occupation and education

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