roa report

Information provision and preferences for education spending: Evidence from representative survey experiments in three countries

Research Memorandum by Maria Catteneo, Philipp Lergetporer, Guido Schwerdt, Katharina Werner, Ludger Woessmann, Stefan C. Wolter

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De arbeidsmarkt naar opleiding en beroep tot 2024

New report in Dutch on bottlenecks that will persist in the coming years in technology, healthcare and education

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publicatie land in samenhang

Land in samenhang. Krimp en regionale kansengelijkheid

Frank Cörvers co-author of publication published by Platform 31

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breakfast booster

Successful Breakfast Booster workshop on creativity

given by Kim van Broekhoven PhD candidate at ROA

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ROA study about the Future of Craftmanship won the 2019 prize for best Policy research

This prize is bi-annually awarded by the Dutch Association of Sociologists and the Association for Policy Research.

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cover fregin

Marie-Christine Fregin defends doctoral thesis

On Thursday 31 October, Marie-Christine Fregin successfully defended her PhD thesis on: ‘Skill Matching and Outcomes - New Cross-Country Evidence’

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jaap dronkers lecture

Jaap Dronkers Lecture 2019

On Monday November 25th, ROA and Studium Generale will organize the first Jaap Dronkers Lecture.

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podcast analyse LLL

Lifelong learning is the current trend. But how?

Podcast about training and education by Jerry Huinder, with Annemarie Künn-Nelen (ROA | UM), Jeroen Kluytmans (DSM) en Rolf Holtjer (Rockwool)

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paper award degrip gerards

Ruud Gerards and Andries de Grip awarded 2019 Outstanding Paper Award

Paper about new ways of working increase work engagement

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Crafmanship nominated

ROA study nominated for the Dutch Policy Research Award 2019

The Future of Craftmanship by Rolf van der Velden, Didier Fouarge, Mark Levels & Christoph Meng

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